Out Of The Dark

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                                     SEQUEL TO LOSING A FRIEND

Hello everyone! So I was just reading through my previous posts and I stumbled upon the one I wrote when Sharp died (titled “losing a friend). I then realised that a Christmas miracle did happen that Christmas morning.

Not that Sharp woke up or anything the following morning (as much as I was hoping and praying for that to happen, I’m not sure I’d have stayed to watch if I saw him the following morning jumping about).

Christmas morning was a sober one for the family, especially for joy, me and my dad who were awake the previous night when the whole thing happened. My younger siblings- Joshua and Suremercy woke up that morning clueless as to what had happened.

Let me take you back a few hours before 7am when we (the children) stood up from our beds. Apparently my dad had woken up very early that morning to dispose the body of the dog. How did I know this? Well, let’s just say I wasn’t able to sleep well in the night (you can understand why) so I was awake at the crack of dawn, though I didn’t get up from the bed. I was just reminiscing on the events of the previous night, willing myself not to cry.

While I was doing this, my dad had taken care of the body, called the vet doctor to come over and look at Burster, bathe her and make sure she was okay. The vet was bathing Burster when Josh and Suremercy (SMA for short) woke up. Oblivious to the atmosphere around, SMA saw through the window that the vet was bathing Burster and she said “bro Alonge is bathing Sharp and Burster”. Joy and I shared a look speaking with our eyes about their naivety. We weren’t sure how to break the news to the both of them, so we didn’t utter a word. We all went outside and after greeting my mum who was cooking in the kitchen, we stepped out into the backyard. We greeted my dad and the vet and watched Burster being bathed.

Some moment later, Josh noticed Sharp was nowhere to be found and he asked, then I told them that Sharp died the previous night. They were shocked and sad but surprisingly, they took the news pretty well. My mum tried to cheer everyone up but things weren’t just the same.

When the vet was through, he left. About twenty minutes later, a knock sounded on the gate, and behold it was the vet holding a tiny puppy in his hands. That bundle of joy was ours. Unknown to us, he had agreed with my dad to get us another puppy that day.

Immediately, our spirits lifted and everyone was smiling happily, celebrating the newest addition to the family. After lots of contemplation on what to name our cute male puppy (which lasted about 2-3 hours), we decided to name him “Roy”. Of course the name didn’t stick immediately, not for days.

I would say that the person who was most affected by Sharp’s demise was my dad. But when Roy came, I saw my dad smiling and full of joy.

That was indeed our Christmas miracle, Roy.

IMG_20151225_085456 .IMG_20151225_121713      IMG_20151225_121635

The first picture is Roy still shy and cute

The middle picture is of me, SMA and Roy.

And the last picture is just me and the cutie.